Cosmedix Elite- Refine RX 15mL


A highly potent serum designed to dramatically renew the skin's appearance. Refine RX is designed with the highest concentration of AGP Complex (12%) to diminish the appearance of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles, while locking in moisture to help support the skin. 


Reduces appearance of fine lines/ signs of ageing. Improves skin's texture and tone. Exfoliates.


After using Refine Plus for 60-90 days, you are ready to advance to Refine RX. Apply a small amount to freshly cleansed and tones skin as tolerated every 1-3 nights, working up to a nightly use. Follow with recommended moisturiser if needed.
Shake before use.

Key Ingredients

Highest Concentration of AGP Complex | Encourages skin renewal to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Sodium Hyaluronate and Sodium | help prevent moisture loss