Azure Tan- Tanbuki Blending Brush


The Tanbuki Brush is made with super soft, synthetic bristles that helps you to buff and blend applied product(s) straight after a spray tan or self tan.

The shape allows you to reach between fingers, toes, ankles and smooth out sharp lines on wrists and ankles to promote flawless results all body round. The Tanbuki Brush also helps to blend out any bronzer trapped in creases in the neck area or anywhere else around the body. Perfect for self tanners and spray tan technicians to achieve a professional & flawless result. 

Vegan friendly. 

Reusable and easy to clean.

For cleaning: Use Protex Soap and warm water, rise until water runs clear. Dry under the sun 


- Streak free soft bristles
- Even looking tan
- Soft and Dewy look


While your tan is still wet, gently buff away any imperfections with the Tanbuki Brush until you are happy. Don't forget in between the fingers and toes!

Key Ingredients