Azure- Streak-Free Tan Applicator Mitt


Show off your perfect tan with the help of this velvety soft applicator mitt to evenly distribute tanning products for a streak-free result. 

Comes with a custom designed thumb for extra control and grip for easy application and snug fit for non-slip blending. Don't you hate it when your hands get stained from self tan? This product also comes with waterproof lining to protect your hands from tanning solutions soaking through!


- Flawless streak free application
- Easy application
- Reusable and machine washable
- one size fits all


Use with any Azure Tan self tan products on clean, dry skin. Apply the product to the mitt and blend evenly with circular motions. Rinse the mitt with warm water or machine wash after use. Air dry only

Key Ingredients

88% Polyester
5% Nylon
7% Polyurethane