Whether you are a regular, first timer, or need a one off treatment we are here to provide you with a convenient, effective and gentle service.

Our Therapists are experts with plenty of knowledge and experience in hair removal and we use top quality Berodin products to support and nourish your skin throughout treatment.

With the right touch, and the best products, we will have your skin silky smooth and hair free as quickly as possible. For a complete list of waxing treatments go through to the booking service.

Womens treatments

Brazilian: First $69 (60mins), Regular $59 (30mins)

Bikini: $29 (30mins), Extended $39 (30mins)

Legs: Half $39 (30mins), Full $64 (60mins)

Arms: Half $29 (30mins), Full $39 (45mins)

Face: Upper Lip or Chin $19 (15mins)

Half Leg, Bikini & Underarm $79 (45mins)

Mens treatments

Facial Waxing $24 20mins

Shoulders $33 (20mins)

Chest $39 (30mins)

Stomach $29 (30mins)

Back $45 (30mins)

Full Arm $59 (45mins)

Full Leg $79 (75mins)