Feel more confident in your smile, and yourself, with our cosmetic teeth whitening treatments.

Effortless, painless and affordable, it couldn’t be easier to whiten your teeth and brighten your day. Your first session starts with a consultation and shade test followed by a 60minute treatment where you sit back and relax with a book or listen to music and let any stress fall away.

Follow up treatments are only 60minutes and should be done within six months of the initial treatment to keep your pearly whites bright.

Our therapists are here to answer any questions you may have prior to booking.

-Lightening Full Treatment $209, (75mins)

-Freshen Up Return Treatment $109, (75mins)

Treatment Information

Pre and post treatment requirements are straight forward;

-Avoid using toothpaste, eating or drinking 2hours prior to treatment

-Avoid foods and drinks high in sugar and colours for 48hours after treatment, such as turmeric, spinach, black coffee, red wine