Bronzed in a flash

It’s a hard wearing, long lasting tan that leaves a bronzed, brown tan- every time. No weird coloured undertones, no going green, orange, streaky or grey. Just a beautiful deep tan, every time.

Other benefits are that this product is also vegan, chemical free, and cruelty free. So, your tan is better for you, the environment, and the animals.


Full Body Spray Tan (Light) $49

Full Body Spray Tan (Medium) $59

Full Body Spray Tan (Dark) $69

Full Body Competition Tan $79


24 hours before your appointment; exfoliate, wax and shave. Ask your therapist for recommendations on exfoliants if you are unsure what to use.

On the day of treatment: To avoid reactions with the spray tan solution, come to your appointment product free on your skin, this includes being free of any product during or after your shower such as makeup, deodorant, perfume, and moisturiser.

We recommend coming to your treatment appointment with loose, dark clothing and open shoes. All jewellery should also be removed prior to your treatment.


Your therapist will explain how to look after your tan and when to wash it off for the best results.

Washing off the solution in the shower should always be done product free. Once you have had your first shower, you can shower normally with product.

Moisturise daily after your appointment, and make sure to use tanning extender to maximise the longevity of the tan.